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Lenore, Inc. DBA [Health and Wellness Non-Profit Accounting and Bookkeeping]

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Welcome to the last few months before --- with ‘breakneck’ speed --- the holidays come upon us for the remainder of the year! We want to help you ‘clean up and clear off’ your ‘virtual’ shelves for what could be an incredible new year of new projects, a new list of donors, and incredible new empl...

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Something unexpected happened! A shift from the standards that may have served your organization before to ‘new innovative’ standards that serve your new mission and its new projects. With a little push due to the current pandemic, you may be re-considering how your organization has been running....

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From Jay Abraham --- “Innovation is a misnomer to a lot of people who have high tech but it's not necessarily all it means. To me is orchestrating greater beneficial enhancement or improvement to your clients’ life or situation that they appreciate and value”

We like what Jay has to say. We move...

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Meet Betty Gilpin. Star of the movie The Hunt. Seven months of hard training later, the movie was released. Why are we telling you this? This lady never did action movies before. To us, this means that no matter your start, personal or organization-wise, you can innovate. It is difficult to learn...

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We hope you had a wonderful holiday!

We want to talk about innovation. Before and after. Why? Because we love innovation and we believe you love it, too. We also believe you can experience the benefits of innovation for your operations easily, effortlessly, and at a cost you can afford. How...

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What is the nonprofit starvation cycle? The NFP starvation cycle is a reporting period in which there is a significant difference between an organization's report of low overhead expenses and their actual experience of low overhead expenses. A 2014 University of Georgia report determined that the...

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Do you need to smooth out the kinks in your operations flow? We are here to help iron out some of the issues that may be disrupting the smooth flow of your operations. One of the main issues many nonprofits face is recordkeeping. Donor records, grant records, marketing records, payroll records, t...

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When life hands you too much uncertainty, time to draw on the facts.

The most reliable source of information available to us is the facts. In the business world that means know your numbers. In these uncertain times, our efforts are fortified to offer our quality, consistent and strategic accou...

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Is paper becoming a thing of the past, folks?

Lenore, Inc. believes that paper, yes, is becoming a thing of the past.

(The trees have been thanking us).

Lenore, Inc. is here to help you trim it down a bit, all that office paperwork clutter, let's get it scanned to a permanent file and categor...

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4 months ago
I love working with Jamie. She is intuitive, timely and very sharp. I work with many contractors and vendors and I think this is my best find in a long time. Her efficiency is AA+ and her communication skills with the client is unsurpassed. I know I'm spoiled. I have several new projects and will make sure I include her as my go to person on each of them. Highly Recommend!
- Butch G
4 months ago
Jamie L Williams has been engaged as a part-time bookkeeper for the last three months at the International Foundation for Nutrition and Health, we are a nonprofit educational nutrition foundation that works with practitioners. In that time she has displayed a willingness to attack, find the answer to several difficult questions due to a series of problems with QuickBooks and our previous bookkeeper. Her supports and insight have been extremely helpful to IFNH. I feel that she would be an asset for any company thanks to her positive attitude and capabilities. John R Brady MS Director IFNH
- John B

Get. Sustainable. Proven Support.

L      E      N      O      R      E      ,      I      N      C          D      B      A  
[H E A L T H  A N D  W E L L N E S S  N F P  A C C O U N T I N G   &   B O O K K E E P I N G]

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for visiting our website. We are happy you are here. We specialize in non-profit accounting for non-profits who serve the public with products or services related to physical or mental health and wellness 🍎🏃‍♀️🧠  

Does this description fit your organization?

If 'YES', we are excited because we support your mission and we want you to know it is our mission to support you. 

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Let us offer you our most recent mind map as a thank you for visiting our site. Our mind map will give you a preview of the quality of services we offer.

Our most recent mind map is about: 

 Strategic Recordkeeping for Payroll 

Learn expert strategies that are working well for our clients and learn them in a fun and engaging mind map format.   


🔎 Do you want to learn more about my particular organization's mission?

Yes, we do! We are excited for the opportunity to meet you and learn more about your organization's physical or mental health and wellness mission.

🔎 What services do you currently offer?

Our main services are:

🗸 Strategic bookkeeping
🗸 Strategic recordkeeping
🗸 FREE! Weekly blog
🗸 FREE! Mind map (NFP tips)
🗸 NEW service! 990 online filing

DUE DATE: Next year's 990 is due: 5/15/21  📆  

🔎 Do you serve all NFPs?

Currently, we are serving health and wellness NFPs with up to $100k in annual revenue.

🔎 How can we find out more?

Schedule your appointment today. We will make sure all your questions are answered. Select a time interval that you will work best for you. If you are not ready for an appointment yet, we want to offer you a free copy of our latest mind map as a helpful reference. 

🔎 Where can we get a copy of your latest mind map?

We want to offer you value right away so that you can find out the value we can offer your organization. Click the link below for our most recent mind map about: 

 Strategic Recordkeeping for Payroll 

Learn the strategies that we are currently using with clients and learn them in a fun and engaging mind map format.   

🔎 What services will Lenore, Inc. offer in the future?

Free weekly training on YouTube! Strategies, insights, and tips with our latest mind map! 

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The extendable versions of our mind maps will available during our premiere only. Yours for $1 each! The PDF versions will be available for free. Mind map combo discounts every month for all new YouTube subscribers! 📽️👩🏽‍🏫🧠  

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Here is a list of our services and the pricing tiers we offer.

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current news, tips, insights, and inspiration specially selected for NFPs! 

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Email You will receive a reply within 24 hours. ⏱️ 

Let us help manage your organization's growth strategically with quality, reliable, certified bookkeeping services, recordkeeping, software setup and more.

We look forward to finding out how we can best support you and your mission to make the world a physically and mentally healthier place. 🍎🏃‍♀️

Real. Sustainable. Proven support for:
Your Ship. Your Compass. Your Path w/Lenore, Inc. DBA   

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